If you enter into a lease for a tenancy with Barfoed Group, we will prepare a contract for you. Along with the contract, there is a payment slip for the payment of the deposit, prepaid rent and first month's rent, heat, etc. Prepaid rent is NOT to be used for payment of rent the first few months you live in the lease, but the last few months, so at lease termination.

When a lease is signed and deposit paid, the keys to the new lease will be sent to you.
The lease acquired ALWAYS and without exception is completely refurbished. That is all paintable surfaces are freshly painted and all floors are coated. No matter how long you have lived in the rental lease it must be renovated with freshly painted walls, ceilings, woodwork, pipes, radiators, etc. (All paintable surfaces) and the floors must also varnished.

Within 14 days after the agreed takeover of your lease you can, should it be necessary submit a problem and shortage list of the lease to our office or mail info@barfoedgroup.dk We will acknowledge in writing receipt of the list and will then be added on the lease agreement. Are there items on the shortage list which we disagree, our chairman will inspect the rental unit as soon as possible.


The lease has 3 months' notice on the lease and always on the first working day of the month.

The cancellation must be made by completing the form you will find here. If you do not have an e-mail, the lease is terminated in writing to our office, or if you have to scan your signature in, forwarded the termination to info@barfoedgroup.dk

Once we receive your cancellation you will receive a confirmation of this via email.

When moving, paid prepaid rent can be read on page 2 to see how many months rent you prepaid. Prepaid rents stand always for the notice period, it means that you do not have to pay rent in the / the number of months you have prepaid rent, only heat, water and sometimes antenna contributions. You must remember to cancel your PBS agreement with the bank or stop the transfer of the rent to us.

From the information you provided in the notice, we will invite you to a removal inspection. The apartment MUST be empty and cleaned, this also applies basement or storage room. Remember that the lease must be vacated within 14 days before the termination expires. Have you noticed that you want to vacate the lease before the termination expires, we will seek your lease re-let as soon as possible.

If this is not desired, your move must be made 14 days before the notice expires.

When moving of the premises, you will receive an offer from us on the refurbishment of the lease. If you want to use another company for the renovation of the lease, make sure that work is done by a VAT registered company and invoice must be able to present to our President by the removal inspection. You must also deliver a key to your property for our President, so our rental department has the opportunity to showcase the lease form the time your workmen have renovated.

Once the property has been renovated and re-let it will take between 4 and 6 weeks for you to receive your move inventory. Settlement of heat can take up to a year before the final statement presents from Clorius as it only transfers once a year.

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